Media Center

Shanna Stephens, Media Specialist

Lynn Schroeder, Media Aide

Open 7:05 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. M-F

The Spark at Indian Trails seeks to inspire and foster collaboration, connection and creativity. With help from the Spark staff, all students will be able to access high quality resources and effectively use ideas, information and technology.

All students are expected to exemplify the Big 3: Do what is right. Do your best. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Students are not asked to “be quiet,” in the Spark, but to simply respect the work of others and use a reasonable speaking voice. The Spark is a collaborative learning space. Students are required to work independently or with peers if they are visiting unaccompanied by a staff member.

The Spark is open daily from 7:10 am - 2:30 pm. A limited number ofThe Spark lunch passes for all lunches are available for students before the first bell rings each day. Students should present the pass to a staff member in the Dining Hall in order to be released to the Spark.

Policies and Procedures
Students have an unlimited number of checkouts. Students are required to check in at the help desk with a pass upon arrival and may drop all materials to be returned in the book drop. Students should present their ID and all materials at checkout. Patrons are encouraged to check out as many materials as they need and can care for responsibly. Books are due two weeks from the check out date and can be renewed as needed.

Interlibrary Loans
Students may borrow materials from other libraries in the district. Requests can be made to the media specialist.


  • Students may purchase IDs in the Spark before school.
  • Students wishing to purchase an ID during class must have a pass from a teacher.
  • New students who are not present during the first school picture day may have their picture taken in the Spark and issued an ID at no cost.

Computer Help and Repairs
Students with a pass may receive technical support during regular blocks. Technical support is not available during Mustang Success. No loaner laptops will be checked out unless the student’s computer has been sent in for repair. The Spark does not loan out chargers. All student requests for repair should be directed to the help desk.

Lost Computers
Lost computers should be reported to Mrs. Stephens or Mrs. Schroeder IMMEDIATELY. All found computers should be returned to the Spark as soon as possible. If the computer cannot be returned to the Spark immediately, Mrs. Stephens or Mrs. Schroeder should be notified by a teacher.

Desktop Computer Use
Students may use desktop computers in the Spark if they have forgotten their laptop or are paper-only workers. Students must have a pass from a teacher to use the desktop computers. © 2019 Flagler County Public Schools.