Celebrate Literacy Week 2018


Short Film Contest

“Find yourself in a book”

BOOK CHARACTER VIDEO CONTEST DESCRIPTION: This year’s Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida! theme of Find Yourself in a Book! lends itself well to the book character video contest. Schools will select and submit one created book character video that communicates and expands on a character’s message, mission and/or quality traits. Students will select the book and identify an individual character as the focus of their video. Students may partner with others to produce and perform in the video. This is not intended to be an individual project.

Students must also submit a narrative addressing the following:

• Why did you choose this book? • Why did you choose this character? • What is the message you would like to share with the viewers of your video? • What did you learn about others and yourself while reading the book and creating your video? • How can you apply what you learned to your future? • Video should not exceed two minutes in length. • Book and video content must be age appropriate. • Completed narrative addressing all of the elements stated above.

Short film files should be turned in to or shared with itmsspark@flaglerschools.com

Quality creations will be featured on the school website, eBulletin and news. Deadline for submissions is February 28th.

Grand Prize= $50.00 gift card to Target


Sign up for Personal Book Shopping

Personal shoppers help others shop by giving advice and making suggestions to customers usually found in department stores or specialty boutiques. We will take the Personal Shopper concept and revamp it for the school library.