What is the bell schedule? 


How much do PE uniforms cost?

PE Uniform shorts are $12.00 and shirts are $8.00.

How do I get an absence excused?  

Please visit the Attendance link for information regarding attendance policies.


What should I do if I need to change my schedule or have a specific scheduling problem (i.e. no classes scheduled for 2nd period)?

Students with scheduling issues need to obtain an add/drop form from the guidance department and set up an appointment with their guidance counselor to address scheduling problems. Students should not ask their classroom teachers to write passes to go to the guidance department during class.

What happens if a student loses their school ID?

All students on campus are given one ID free of charge and are responsible for maintaining that ID throughout the school year. If a student loses their ID, they must purchase another ID from the Media Center (Spark) for a cost of $5.00.

Where can I obtain information on student lunch (i.e. menus, free and reduced lunch forms, etc.)?



My child has a medicine that needs to be administered every day. Can they bring it in themselves? 



When are report cards and progress reports distributed?

Report cards will be distributed in November, February, April and June. 

Progress reports will be given out in September, December, February and May.

Please check Flagler County School’s calendar for specific dates.


How do I know who my child’s counselor is?



How can I find out what bus my child rides and bus pick-up/drop-off times/locations?



How can I find out my child’s grades and/or class schedule?

To access your child’s grades and schedule, please log on to Skyward with your parent login and password. If you do not have a current log-in and password, please contact Barb Grumbach for further assistance.

How do I schedule conference with my child’s teacher(s)?

 To schedule a conference with a teacher you can either:

1. Contact the teachers directly through e-mail which you can obtain under the staff directory, or

2. Call Guidance at 386.446.6732 


Who do I contact regarding broken computers, computer repairs, or computer fine payments? 

Please contact the ITMS Media Center (Spark) for computer repairs and fine payments.