Absence Procedures

When absent, please provide a written note or email (with phone number) to the attendance office within 5 days of return. Parents may write up to 5 parent notes per term with a total of 10 per year, until 15 days of total absence is attained.

Planned absences must be pre-approved by the principal at least 48 hours in advance of absence. Per district policy, family vacations are not excusable days. Complete the Pre-Approval Form and have your child return it to the attendance office.

Make-up Work

Excused absences guarantee students the right to make up work for full credit if completed within the timeline established by the teacher. Students will not have the opportunity to earn credit for any tests, homework, or assignments for the day of an unexcused absence. Students should request and complete work assigned during an unexcused absence in order to learn material covered; however, the student will not receive credit for the work.

For any attendance questions and/or assignment requests, contact:  Maxine Grant or (386) 446-6732